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Have you ever felt like your financial plan was missing purpose? A plan without a purpose, is not a plan at all. Too often a planner’s approach to financial planning is product based versus building a successful plan. As a firm, Cornerstone is a team of MACRO-Managers. This means that we gather data and educate our clients on how money works and how rules surrounding money can affect your goals. With this data, we identify the pitfalls and bumps that can cause inefficiencies. By overcoming inefficiencies we create opportunities by giving less to people you don’t want too in the first place. This ‘recapture’ of your wealth then gets redistributed to other areas that can pay you and build wealth.

The data we gather helps us start building success in these areas with our clients:

  • Advanced Tax Savings strategies – with the coordination and partnership of your CPA/Accountant
  • Retirement plan setup
  • Retirement plan rollover
  • Business succession planning
  • Debt management solutions – Get a plan to keep on track!
  • Legacy planning with purpose
  • Buy/Sell agreement funding
  • Charitable giving maximization
  • Retirement exit strategies
  • College planning
  • Insurance consultation

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